The Francophonie of Calgary is a community that includes 28,560 Francophones and over 100,000 Francophiles.

The ESPACE FRANCO is the headquarters for some thirty Calgary organizations and associations and functions as a gathering place for the Francophone community of Calgary. It is intended to serve as Calgary’s Francophone village, where its organizations and associations play an essential role in promoting social cohesion. The ESPACE FRANCO is an innovative hub that works closely with its community and contributes on a daily basis to the economic, social, environmental and artistic development of Calgary, and more specifically for the benefit of Francophone residents of the Calgary area.

The ESPACE FRANCO’s primary role is to promote the development of a cooperative and creative community force, and above all to create synergies within Calgary’s Francophone community.


The ESPACE FRANCO's objective is to establish a gathering place that raises the profile and influence of a sustainable Francophonie that reflects a wide range of perspectives.

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